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Day 1
Building a House of Prayer.
Day 4
Come into God's presence.
Day 7
Praising Him A to Z.
Day 10
"If we confess our sins..."
Day 13
Renew in me a steadfast spirit.
Day 16
True worship.
Day 19
God chooses the poor.
Day 22
Day 25
Where is your treasure?
Day 28
All together now.
Day 31
God reveals all.
Day 34
Day 37
Day 40
My Lord. My Master.
Day 43
God thinks about you.
Day 46
God protects you.
Day 49
God owns it all.
Day 52
Who do you trust?
Day 55
God’s heart for the cities.
Day 58
One in Christ.
Day 2
"Lord, teach us to pray."
Day 5
A glimpse of Heaven.
Day 8
Remember to say 'Thank You'.
Day 11
"Can You hear me now?"
Day 14
The importance of forgiveness.
Day 17
The least of these.
Day 20
God owns everything.
Day 23
Day 26
Eternal investments.
Day 29
Waiting on God.
Day 32
Faith or works?
Day 35
Sow unto righteousness.
Day 38
Does God know you?
Day 41
God created you.
Day 44
God loves you.
Day 47
God has plans for you.
Day 50
Share well with others.
Day 53
Do you know me?
Day 56
A heart for God.
Day 59
The poor.
Day 3
The reward of seeking Him.
Day 6
Praise to the slain Lamb of God.
Day 9
Day 12
As far as the east is from the west.
Day 15
Seek God first.
Day 18
Who is my neighbor?
Day 21
We are blessed when we give.
Day 24
Do not lose heart.
Day 27
Supernatural peace.
Day 30
Open my eyes.
Day 33
Running over.
Day 36
Day 39
Our Helper.
Day 42
God chose you.
Day 45
God wants you to know Him.
Day 48
Jesus and prayer.
Day 51
Let God build
Day 54
The problem with sin.
Day 57
God’s ways not our ways.
Day 60
Jesus is coming

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